IOC, IPC and Airbnb launch ‘Tokyo Together’ event series

In collaboration with online lodging marketplace Airbnb, the IOC and IPC have unveiled a virtual series of events, ‘Tokyo Together’, through which fans of the Games can personally interact with Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Hosted on Airbnb’s ‘Olympian and Paralympian Experiences’ platform, ‘Tokyo Together’ will feature discussions and panels with over 200 sportspeople from 50+ sports and 30+ countries. Attendees can choose to meet a wide variety of athletes competing in Tokyo, including world surfing champion John John Florence, Tongan taekwondo athlete and cross-country skier Pita Taufatofua, 13-year-old skateboarder Sky Brown and refugee swimmer Yusra Mardini.

Several events will also feature Olympic legends from the past, such as four-time gold medal-winning sprinter Michael Johnson or members of the United States’ victorious 1992 basketball ‘Dream Team’; providing spectators the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Games.

Tokyo Together Event Poster
‘Tokyo Together’ will feature athletes from a variety of Olympic sports and eras (IOC)

“In light of the current circumstances, we wanted to create a unique alternative to bring together athletes and fans while keeping the same sense of discovery and exclusivity,” said Kirsty Coventry, IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair.

“The Olympian and Paralympian Experiences platform is a fantastic opportunity for athletes to build a personal relationship with their fanbase and feel their support, while the platform will also bring the incredible Olympic spirit to people across the globe. As part of our effort to empower athletes at all stages of their career, the positive response to the past year’s activities has indeed confirmed that offering athletes the possibility to host such experiences presents them with new meaningful opportunities.”

Bookings for ‘Tokyo Together’ events opened on July 15th, and while the program is set to run for the duration of this year’s Games, many athletes will remain active on the ‘Olympian and Paralympian Experiences’ platform afterwards as well.

Written by Filip Vachuda

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IOC, IPC and Airbnb launch ‘Tokyo Together’ event series

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